Sree Pada Sree Vallabha




కాషాయ వస్త్ర౦ కరద౦ఢ ధారిణ౦|| కమ౦డల౦ పద్మ కరేణ శ౦ఖ౦||  చక్ర౦ గదా భూషిత భూషణాఢ్య౦|| శ్రీ పాద రాజ౦ శరణ౦ ప్రపధ్యే||



SRIPADA SRI VALLABAHA is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. In this incarnation Datta showed many miracles to people around him and uplifted them.

It is believed that the formless, attribute less essential nature has taken a form with attributes and came down to this earth in the Kaliyuga during our times as Sreepada Sreevallabha. It is a great fallacy to consider him as a human being. He is formless though appearing with a form (body). He is nirguna though appears as saguna.

The grandparents of Sreepada Sreevallabha actually belonged to the Malayadri village of Guntur District in the Palnadu area of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Malladi Bapanna Avadhanulu of Harithasa gothra is the maternal grandfather of Sripada. His wife Rajamamba also belonged to a scholar’s family. Her brother was Malladi Sridhara avadhanlu belonged to the same place.

Once the two scholars went to ‘Ainavilli’ a remote area in Godavari mandal, and there they conducted a yagna where they actually made Lord Ganapati appear during the time of Poornahuti, which was witnessed by all the people who attended the ‘yagna’. Lord Ganapati had received the Poornahuti with his trunk and to the astonishment of all the people, disclosed that he will take birth as Sripada Srivallabha on Ganesh Chaturdhi. Later both the scholars went to Pithapuram village and settled there.

Baapanarya was blessed with a son (Venkavadhanlu) and a daughter Sumathi. Seeing her horoscope and her attitude of a queen she was called SUMATHI MAHARANI. Ghandikota Appala Laxminarasimha Raja Sarma belonging to Bharadwaja gotra and Apasthambha sutra and to the branch of Velnati Vaidikas approached Baapanarya one day for the study of sastras and vedic education. Appala Raja Sharma had an idol of KALAGNI SAMAN DATTA with him to whom he worshipped daily. Datta used to speak to Appala Raja Sharma and guided him.

Time passed by and one day when Baapanarya was worshipping the Shiv Ling in Kukkuteswara Swamy Temple, he heard an unknown voice which identified itself as Lord Shiva and ordered him to get his daughter married off to Appala Raja Sharma. Baapanarya obeyed the instructions and performed the marriage. Later Sumathi and Appala Raja Sharma were blessed with two sons Sridhara Sharma who was born blind in two eyes and Rama Raja Sharma who was lame. One day Appala Raja Sharma was preparing for the anniversary (shradda karma)  (a yearly ceremony to pay homage to the departed souls), of his father and Sumathi Maharani was cooking food for the bhokthas , then a sage with a divine glow on his face came for seeking alms. Sumathi was in a dilemma whether to give him food or not because the ritual was yet to be completed and the Brahmins did not eat the food.

But following the principle of ATHIDI DEVO BHAV (A guest is equal to God) she gave him food. The satisfied sage called her “AMMA”(MOTHER) and asked her to ask a boon. She asked him to be her son. He then replied that it would take place very soon and disappeared. Appala Raja Sharma felt very happy knowing this. From that day onwards every night she began to behold the visions of Trimurtis, several deities and yogi. When she disclosed about these to her father, he felt very happy and said that, “These are all the prophetic signs that a great man will be born to you”. While worshiping Kalagnisamana Datta, Appala Raju Sarma questioned him about the dreams. At the time he saw a boy with tremendous glow around him, come out of the idol and enter into his body. He was awe struck. Lord Datta showed him his next incarnation to Appala Raja Sharma.


Then on a festival day of GANESH CHATHURDHI a child was born in chitta star Simha lagna and Thula raasi. Seeing the good signs in his feet he was named SREE PADA. He was also named as SREE VALLABHA as he had divine luster and grace.


He was the third child among six children to his parents. His elder brothers were Sridhara raja Sharma and Rama raja Sharma and 3 younger sisters were SRI VIDYADHARI RADHA , and SUREKHA. When Sree pada was born a three headed king cobra continuously came for eighteen days and spread its hood over him, when he was asleep. His birth too was not ordinary. He came from the womb of his mother in the form of light. Immediately after his birth Sreepada chanted Omkara. Evenwhile he was in cradle he used to speak at length in the language of Sanskrit. When he was a month old he could walk freely. Accompanied by his grandfather he attended several councils of the scholars and fluently spoke about various sastras.


Sree pada showed many miracles right from his childhood as Lord Krishna Bhgavan. He never took formal education, He was having all knowledge from his birth itself, for He was Omniscient & Omnipotent. Sripaada finished his studies of Vedas, Shastras etc. by the age of seven and after his “Upanayan” (Munja) he started lecturing on these. When he reached the age of 16, his parents thought of getting him married off. Then he made both his parents understand the reason behind his birth and gave them the Gyan of their previous birth. In their previous birth Appala Raja Sharma was Vishnu Datta and his wife Sumathi was Susheela. When Lord Datta was impressed by their devotion, he asked them to ask a boon and the couple asked him to come to their home as a guest. As they could not utilize the opportunity , Lord gave them a second chance and took birth as their son.

Saying this SREEPADA took his parent’s permission and left home. He went to Badari and kedara and went to mount Sanjeevani. He spend few days there and reached the SPHATIKA PARVATHA or THE CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN where he drank pure water which brought his ageing  process to a halt and SREEPADA remained as a sixteen year old young boy.

Then Sreepada set out for Gokarna kshetra stayed there for 3 years and left for Srisaila kshetra. He then went to Surya mandal and saptha rishi mandal and taught DIVYA GNANA YOGA to saints there. After that he returned to Kuruvapur on the banks of river Krishna. He remained there for the rest of his avatara. He conducted Darbar at that place.

On Monday he spoke on epics. Tuesday was the day of teaching of Upanishads. Every Wednesday he explained the Vedas and their meanings, on every Thursday he detailed about the Gurutatva. Thursdays and Fridays the durbar was held either at Kurumgedda or Panchadeva Pahaad according to the wish of Sreepada Sreevallabha… On Fridays in durbar, he taught Srividya and distributed the rhizomes of turmeric to all. On Saturdays he described about the worship of Siva. On Sunday he taught about Yogavidya and during the times of durbar meals were generally arranged for all. At times he himself served the devotees affectionately and watched that everybody ate to their heart’s content. He said, “My treasury is always full. There is no dearth of either food or money”. Sweet dish was compulsory in the feast held on Thursday. He constantly encouraged the devotees to read Datta Purana and told that the Parayana of Datta Purana bestows the grace of Datta. Having tasted his endless love, people thought that it was more than the love of countless mothers. But what he ate was very meager, a handful of rice or jowar or a ball of ragi. He told the devotees that if their stomachs were filled so would his.



Sadguru Shree pada stayed for a longtime in Kuruvapura and blessed a number of his disciples.  When the time came for him to leave this world, he walked down river Krishna and disappeared.  It was the year of Ashweeja Bahula dwadashi (1350 A.D.)(GURU DWADASHI), the Sun was at the star Mrigashira. But in his invisible ,heavenly form Sri Pada still lives at Kuruvapura, blessing his disciples and looking after them.  For guiding and protection those who believe in him and worship him, he manifests himself in various forms.












Sreepada Sreevallabha used to destroy all the sins of the devotees through a mystic ceremony called ‘Agni Yagna’. Sometimes he asked the devotees to bring vegetables like bottle gourd, ladies fingers, brinjal or others. He attracted the sinful vibrations of the devotee into the vegetables brought by them. The curries prepared by those vegetables were served to all, thus liberating them from karmic bondage.

Boon to Ambica

There was a widow named Ambica whose son was a very dull boy though his late father was a learned person. He forgot immediately whatever he learnt. The father had died broken-hearted due to his son’s dullness. All neighbours used to tease and taunt the boy. The mother and son had to resort to begging for livelihood. Fed up with that kind of life both decided to commit suicide by drowning in the river. When they came to the river they saw Shripad Shrivallabh taking his bath. They went to him and told him of their decision requesting that they should not be stained by the sin of suicide. Shripad Shrivallabh felt compassion for them and told them to observe a vrata (a routine with austerity) called Shanipradosha which involves worship of Shiva so that she would get a good son like himself at least in the next birth. With his benevolent hands he blessed the boy who became instantly intelligent and learned. Ambica and her son left and spent their life as instructed. In the course of time Ambica died; she was reborn at Karanja as Ambabhavani and became the mother of the second avatar Shri Narasimha Saraswati Swamy.

Boon to Washer-man

While Shripad Shrivallabh was staying at Kuravapur,  he used to come to the river for the customary thrice daily bath.  A washer man used to visit him daily to make his obeisance and prostrate before him. One day Shripad Shrivallabh casually remarked to him to go and reign as a king. The washer man kept these words in mind.  One day a Muslim king came to the river with his retinue for enjoying an outing with his well dressed and ornamented wives. The washer man felt jealous of the king and said to himself, “Which deity could this king have worshipped and which guru he must be having to be able to enjoy such wealth!” When the washer man visited that day Shripad Shrivallabh read his mind and told him that unless one satisfies one’s desires the mind does not get cleansed of unfulfilled desires and that causes troubles in future births. Therefore he should take the next birth as a king in a Muslim dynasty. Shripad Shrivallabh further told him that he himself also would be reborn as Narasimha Saraswati and they would meet in the next birth.

  Presence of Shripad Shreevallabha at Kuruvapur:

Shripad Shrivallabh  lived like an Avadhut (ascetic). Before closing his Avathara,  he promised his disciples of his continued presence at Kuravapur.
Many instances are there, even after Anthardhaan , Shripad Shrivallabh Swamy  is blessing his devotees unboundedly. Gurucharitra gives an instant of how even after Anthardhaan, Shripad Shrivallabh helped  one of his devotees “Vallabhesha”. Even now also, many devotees are experiencing the presence of Swamy  at Kuruvapur kshetra. The kshetra is a yogic place, calm and cool. No connections with outer world (baahya prapancha). Many Sadhus, Yogis and Sadhaks  are coming and performing Shree Gurucharitra parayana, Sadhana. They are experiencing a new type of vibrations and feel in their hearts. The team of this site SREEDATTAVAIBHAVAM also experienced the blessings of Swamy in their lives.  No letters are there to write….No words are there to tell…..except recollection of memories, vibrations and experiences with falling tears on cheeks.


Devotees can download Kannada version of Sreepada Vallabha Charitamrutham in PDF format in the  below given link


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