Go Puja and Service Programme in Goshaala

Service Programme in Goshaala  at “Shri Ramachandra Dongre Goshala , Injapur village , Turkayamjal , Ranga Reddy dist.


Millions of Hindus revere and worship the cow . The characteristic of the cow of providing Life supporting Milk has elevated its status to the level of a Mother Goddess. The best characteristic of a cow is that it gives so much yet demands nothing in return. The Hindu rituals are never complete without Ghee. The cow dung is used in the making of Fertilizers that stimulate the farming process. It is also saved, to be used as fuel and produce heat and electricity. Cow service is also considered to be a sanctifying act! Let us help with our body and soul. We can serve by working in the cow shed (Gau-shala). 
Dattatreya is accompanied by a healthy white cow. The cow is under the protection of Sri Guru Datta. Our puranas say that a Cow carries all Gods and Godesses in her body and worshipping a cow is equal to worshipping all dieties in one go. So Team Sree Datta Vaibhavam has done an service activity programme of worshipping a cow on Friday 24/09/2015 at “Shri Ramachandra Dongre Goshala , Injapur village , Turkayamjal , Ranga Reddy dist.

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The programme statred by 8 o clock in the morning with the worship and then the cow which is worshipped as well as other cattle of the farm were fed with rotis , bananas , fresh green grass , and cattle fodder.


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Avadhootha chinthana shree gurudeva datta
Team Sreedattavaibhavam