Free Medical camp for Chicken guinea victims

A special divine service.

A special divine service “Free medical camp” was organized by Smarthrugaami-dattavaibhavam group members and by other datta devotees at very remote hill area village “BIRUDULA NARWA” of Prakasam district in Andhrapradesh. No proper  conveyance is there to that village. Only  limited bus frequency is available and no hospital/medical shop was there in that remote village. One RMP doctor visits that village on days of his convenience and interest to give treatment to the residents of that village. Most of the villagers are agriculturalists and daily wage  labourers. Unfortunately, the residents of that village were affected by the deadly decease “CHICKEN GUINEA”. They were not in a position to walk, sleep and eat with the severe body pains caused duie to the exposure to the disease. No doctor was there to give treatment. Media gave a  wide publicity that nearly 400 families (almost all the families of that village) of that village were affected with Chicken guinea , and they were not in a position to purchase even medicines also.

Team Sree Datta Vaibhavam was shocked to know the news and “Free Medical camp” was arranged by on an urgent basis in the village on 13th Feb 2007. The treatment was given by a special doctor and Medicines/injections (disposable)/tonics/nutrition powders were freely distributed to all the effected villagers during the medical camp. A special prayer was also performed to Lord Dattatreya in the centre of the village to give immediate relief to the villagers. See the photographs of the Medical camp in which we can see the assistance given to old aged people of that village, a old lady coming for treatment and press coverage of the programme etc.,

:: avadhootha chinthana shree guru deva datta ::

gunya fever attacked old aged patient Oldaged patient is coming for vaidya shibira Poorest family taking help Press coverage