Divine Testimonial 1

A real story of a Datta devotee….

Ravi K. Avadhanula, M.Sc.Technical Assistant, CMFRI, RAMESHWARAM, TAMILNADU

e-mail: ravi.avadhanula@gmail.com


A real story of a Datta devotee….How Dattaguru sprinkled divine Showers on his sincere devotees……Wonder!!! Wonder!!!Wonder!!!

After knowing this…we have no words to say more than this…..”SWASHE SWASHE DATTA NAMA SMARAATMAN”………..

Ravi Avadhanula completed his PG in Bio-Chemistry from the famous Central University, Hyd with 88%. He is from a lower middle class family and his father is working as a clerk in a Pvt.Company at Visakhapatnam. His mother is a housewife and mentally not matured. Ravi had high hopes about his future. He tried for PhD  seat and expecting a stiphend with which he wanted to support his parents and also for his further studies.

Ravi  tried hard to qualify in the PhD entrance test.  Shocking!!!!!!!! He could not get the seat even by putting his best efforts . He invested 2 complete years in his trials but in vain.

Ravi didn’t digest his failure and faced a lot of mental stress. He felt guiltiness in giving replies to his Friends , Relatives for the questions imposed by them regarding his idleness.

Atlast, he said good bye to his hopes and started trails for a job by preparing for the competitive exams even for attender /clerk posts also. But could not succeed in getting a Job. He Sucessfully failed in everything whatever he tried.

Ravi compromised with his hard luck, then he joined as a private school teacher for a salary of Rs. 3000/-.p.m. Meanwhile he got a news from one of his classmates that his friend got a job in a reputed firm placed in New Delhi offering a salary of Rs.70000/- p.m. who got 60 to 65 percent marks in his class. This news pushed Ravi into depression. He then got spinal problems due to depression and took treatment in King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam .

Frustration and Depression were creeping in and the days were passing by without any difference and Ravi lost hope in his future and settlement. At this time, he came to know about the activities of www.sreedattavaibhavam.org and contacted the owner of the website at Visakhapatnam during his tour.

He was suggested to do GURU CHARITRA SAPTAHA PARAYAN with Devotion and confidence in Lord Dattatreya and a Datta mantra japa.  Ravi completed the parayana THE VERY FIRST TIME with full belief that DattaGuru would help him. Meanwhile during the paarayana period, he was informed that a trip to Ganagapur would be there which was a ray of hope for him.

During Ganagapur trip, Ravi  got a hall ticket for a technical post exam which he applied way back in 2012 March upon which he completely lost interest and just forgot about it completely as it has already been 2 years by then. 2014 March – Ravi went to Ganugapur and had darshan,. He was about to attend the written test in Chennai just two days after he returned from the trip. He was one of the 13 who clearedwritten for a total of 96 members for a single post of unreserved category. Afternoon he attended the  interview on the same day. He performed very badly, as he was asked the questions related to fisheries which was no way concerned with biochemistry. Ravi cried literally after the interview scolding himself for his fate.

11th April 2014 – Ravi received a post from CMFRI, that he was officially selected for the post, and had to intimate within 15 days from the receipt of the offer letter. RAVI’S HAPPINESS KNEW NO BOUNDS. As he got a Central Government Job through a competition of 96:1. Today Ravi Avadhanula is a blessed person WHO PROVED THAT STARS, HOROSCOPES ,ILL LUCK ,FATE  all these do not come in our way if we believe our GURU,DEVA,DATTA and the following lines were told by him…. From the condition of unemployed-depressed to a post in the Govt. of India, who led me through?

Isn’t it Sree Guru? Yes, He is THE ONE who can do it. I am happy, healthy and hale now and owe my life to Lord Dattatreya only…..

Ravi K. Avadhanula, M.Sc.Technical Assistant, CMFRI, RAMESHWARAM, TAMILNADU

e-mail: ravi.avadhanula@gmail.com


—AvadhOOtha Chinthana Sree Guru Deva Datta—