Datta Anugraha




Team Sreedattavaibhavam has decided to complete  the pending project of construction of Lord Dattatreya temple at Markapur, Prakasham District, Andhra pradesh. . Even though the project was intended to start  long back , now with the interference of many interested devotees it geared up pace with a kick start. Team also has decided to give the opportunity to many of the devotees who are interested to participate in this divine programme. Lord Dattatreya is Trimurthyatmaka swaroopa. He is a combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. So, whoever wants to give help for construction of Dattaguru temple are indirectly helping for construction of Vishnu/Shiva temple.  Actually the  temple has mainly been built from numerous small donations from the poorer sections of our society. Our humble entreaty to all our  friends/relatives  is “Please  make your lives perfect by rendering loving devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”  Take the  advantage of this rare occasion by coming forward and helping us in our service to construct LORD DATTATREYA  temple . By doing so, you will find that your lives will become happy and prosperous and that the darling of all our hearts (Paramatma – Supersoul) will fulfill all desires. It is a plan  to install the padukas of Marakatha stone with Lord Dattatreya (in black stone). Lord Dattatreya is giving an opportunity to us to become  a part of this project with our hands and the interested devotees are informed to utilize the opportunity, and contribute towards the temple construction so as to redeem the sins of previous generations, lives will become happy and prosperous and reach the SALVATION. It is not just a building structure, this project is meant for helping everyone to make spiritual advancement in their lives.

The proposed structural design of the temple is now released for the knowledge of  the devotees.


Here are the quotes extracted from the Puranas regarding the benefits/merits   of  building  a temple

  1.     In the Skanda Purana there is the following verse: “Just by starting the construction of a temple, sins committed in seven births will be wiped out and one will deliver his forefathers                          who are suffering in the hellish planets.”
  2. In the Vamana Purana we find the following verses: “Whoever constructs or helps to construct a Vishnu temple will protect eight generations of fathers, grandfathers, and forefathers
    from falling  into hell.
  3. In the Vishnu Dharmottara, “A person who builds a temple of Sri Vishnu will get the same results as performing the Rajasuya yajna and Ashwameda yajna
  4. If one contributes towards temple construction, devotional service becomes increasingly a more tangible and feasible reality in one’s life and is especially to provide an opportunity for fallen souls everywhere to acquire spiritual benefit by participation and charity. This is known as agnata sukriti, which means pious credit acquired unknowingly.

Agni Purana,’ XXXVIII, 1-50: Agni Purana states the merits of building and renovating a temple. Lord Vishnu described it to Lord Brahma:

  1. The construction of a temple for a deity dissipates even the sin of Brahmanicide.
  2. By building a temple one reaps the fruit which he does not even gain by celebrating a sacrifice.
  3. By building a temple one acquires the fruits of bathing at all the sacred shrines.
  4. By making one temple – one goes to heaven
  5. As long as the collection of bricks of temple exists, the founder of the family lives gloriously in the region of the deity.  He becomes pious and adorable both in this world and in the next.

Temple Construction update

Phase one construction is already over. In this part, 3 small rooms and main common hall on first floor  for dhyna/parayana  has  completed. In addition, Guru paduka mandir in 9×9 in rock construction  also completed.

I phase construction in early stage

I phase construction in early stage

I phase construction (Guru paduka Mandir)

I phase construction (Guru paduka Mandir)

3. Rooms & Parayana Hall

Rooms & Parayana Hall

 Phase Two construction is  now going to start .

With the blessings of Lord Dattatreya,  our new temple work for Moolasthanam is progressing . Currently, we are constructing  Mukha Mandapa & Moolasthanam  Sannidhan.
For Moolasthanam  construction, we want to construct the Sannidhan  with black rock stones and Shikhara with bricks.   The Executive Committee  is appealing to all devotees to donate generously and to encourage your relatives and friends to join in this sacred temple construction work. We are looking for donors who can contribute for the Moolasthanam.
We will engrave their preferred name (maximum of 25 letters) for the  donors of Rs.1,00,000 or more  on squared tiles and will be fixed in the temple premises/Parayan Hall.

Moolasthana Sannidhan & Mukha Mandapa

Moolasthana Sannidhan & Mukha Mandapa

Guru Sampradaaya

Guru Sampradaaya

Guru Padukas in Marakatha stone

Guru Padukas in Marakatha stone

 How to get involved:

(I)The chosen names of devotees who donate Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees one lakh) or more will be engraved in granite stone in our   temple   Hall.   As you all know, participating in the foundation is very auspicious.  One can donate in the form of materials also like Steel for concrete, Bricks, Cement etc.,

Sankalpa will be performed on the name of the donor (who contributes for Rs.1,00,000 or more) on the day of  “Vigraha Prathistaapana”.

We have introduced Nithya Pooja program. Under this program, devotees who donates Rs.1,00,000 or more  can choose any date like their wedding anniversary/birthdays etc.
The special days  like Datta Jayanthi or Guru poornima  is also open to the donors. For twenty  years, on their chosen day whole day poojas will be conducted under their sponsorship. They can participate in the sankalpam on all the poojas on that day and get the Bhagvath prasadam. The devotees will be reminded a week before the chosen date.
Please visit   http://www.sreedattavaibhavam.org/datta-temple-construction/ or send email to mail@sreedattavaibhavam.org  for more details on how you can particpate in this auspicious project.

click the link below for the video

(II) It is decided to collect a minimum donation of Rs.1,000 (Rupees one thousand only) or more  from any devotee of their interest. Sankalpa will be performed on their name  for Rudrabhisheka on the day of Datta jayanthi for five years only.

Certificate of Registraion

Certificate of Registraion


A  trust has registered in the name of “SREE GURU DATTA BHAKTA SAMAJ” and has opened a bank account in the name of the above trust in Markapur. One can send their contributions by way of cheque/ NEFT transfer. Interested devotees can contact at mail@sreedattavaibhavam.org or watsapp number only at +91 9246463846 for further details or for any clarifications.
Concerned receipts will be delivered to them by Post or in Person.


Arise, awake and enjoy your inborn sovereignty by participating in this our own Divine Project.   Forward this appeal to people you think deserve to be informed at the least.

May the blessings of Lord Dattatreya  be always with you and your family for good health, wealth and prosperity.

Avadhootha chinthana Shree Gurudeva Datta….