Annadaan in 2006

Annadana programme at Shree Guru’s Matha praangana of Ganagapur

A special divine service was performed at Datta kshetra Ganagapur in the year of 2006. Annadaana programme was arranged to more than 1000 devotees in the Matha praangana of Shree Datta kshetra, Ganagapur. All the devotees of Lord Dattatreya are aware about Shri Bhaskarabhattu’s annadana programme (one can see the story in Shree Gurucharitra). While reading the above Parayana Grandha, some signals came to perform such type of Annadana at Ganagapur. With the help of many devotees, the programme was performed in the same way as did by Shree Bhaskar Bhattu in those days like inviting the Ganagapur residents personally, offering food with full items and served on “Bhojan patra”, serving the food items by closing the items by a shawl (satee vastra), taking lunch by ourselves at the end of the programme and merging the balance of items in the Sangam river for Bhootha Tripthi.


Please see the following photographs also which clearly shows that, the programme was performed with greater satisfaction by offering food to devotees and other jeevas also. Really, it is a blessed service.


Annadana-5  Bhoothatripthi on the day of Annadana by Dattagroup Prasada taking by Dog at the time of Annadana

:: avadhootha chinthana shree gurudevadatta::