A Mother’s Experience from Kuruvapur

A Mother’s experience which leaves Goose Bumps to everyone……


Lord Dattatreya

Lord Dattatreya


The incidents which are happening in the swayambhu ekamukhi datta kshetras are creating confidence on Dattaguru.

A real story of a Datta devotee….How Dattaguru sprinkled divine Showers on his sincere devotees……Wonder!!! Wonder!!!Wonder!!!

After knowing this…we have no words to say more than this…..”SWASHE SWASHE DATTA NAMA SMARAATMAN”………..

This is a real experience of a “mother” who shared it at Siddha kshetra Kuruvapur. The experience leaves goose bumps to everyone. She said that her son was seriously ill and she was in helpless condition. So all the hope she had was to surrender to Lord Dattatreya and cry for his help and protection. The elderly woman is such a straunge devotee of Lord Datta that he cured her son from his illness and made him healthy. At the end of the video Mother’s son and his wife can be seen.

         Avadhootha Chintana Sreeguru Deva Datta